Friday, September 23, 2011

Mergers and tickers and teeth

With the news that the US Gold (UXG)( and Minera Andes ( merger rip-off has been pushed through by Rob McEwen, we now open our latest competition. It's up to you to decide the new ticker symbol for the fused company, now called "McEwen Mining". Here are the choices:


UPDATE: We've received good suggestions, including "", "" and "" and some that cna't really be reprinted because I'm in enough trouble as it is

Answers on a postcard please (or suggestions for even better ticker symbols) to:

Otto Rock
Lying in a dentist's chair
Gazing up a nose in despair
right here
(at least the attention is personalized)

And yes, that also means that posting will be light today. And no, that isn't the logo of the dental surgery where I'm planning to spend my morning, it's just a funnier one. Have a nice day and enjoy gold's rollercoaster of love