Monday, July 19, 2010

Trading Post (bright and early edition)

Pediment ( down 7.8% at $1.06 and we over at the Weekly have a target buy-in point for this stock. One worth watching, as they're drilling now and have that 'we'll tell 'em about it Labor Day' feel to the newsflow timing.

Rio Alto (RIO.v) down a penny at $0.69, but volume is rocking at nearly 600k traded thanks to two big purchases (one right at the bell). I wonder why that should be......................

Dorato Resources (DRI.v) down 9.4% at $0.58. Toldyaso, but you wouldn't listen would you? DRI is now officially a broken stock, it's still not got any sort of approval at the mining ombudsman people and is still as welcome as a Nazi at a Barmitzvah up there in the Cenepa region. You think all Peru is 100% of its territory? Wanna buy a bridge?

South American Silver ( down 1.8% at $0.54. You signed on for the 63c placement? Hah, Greggy saw you coming, suckah.

Andean Resources ( up 2.3% at $3.11 on strong volumes. There are some drill NRs that are positive, some that are lacklustre and every so often you get one that knocks the ball out the park. Put AND's NR today in the third, love those grades but feel your eyes pop out at the widths.