Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trading Post (back to the drawing board edition)

Cosan (CZZ) down a penny at $2.36. I still own but got very close to the auto stop-loss this morning. This stock is bumming me out; it's one of those situations where the price tells you "you're wrong" even as you still try and convince yourself you're right. If the stoploss hits I'll be out by 10%...as it stands it's still a minor losing position. Ho hum...won't be the last time.

Freeport (FCX) up 0.4% at $38.70 and my heads-or-tails quicktrade from yesterday will make me the price of a decent botle of wine if I sell 'em now (once commish is deducted). I'll sell 'em before the bell today whatever happens, but something over $39 would be nice...could buy a mixed case of a fair Argentine Malbec.

ECU Silver (ECU.to) down 2.15% at $0.455. ECU.to released this PR today that told us they're capable of building a processing plant...I think. Best commentary came from reader 'B' who wrote and said about ECU's PR, "personally, I would be more impressed with a longer list of achievements...like, umm, restocked the bathrooms with lightbulbs and paper products and cleaned the toilets...". It made me laugh at least.

Troy Resources (TRY.to) down 5.8% at $1.13 on pitiful volume (though bid is now $1.16). The best laid plans of mice and men. Fortunately this is not like the CZZ situation, as 1) i'm already 35% or so up and 2) I'm happy to give this stock all the time it needs. DYODD

Corriente Resources (CTQ.to) (ETQ) up 4% at C$5.98. This PR put through the Ottotrans™ sez "Tongling doesn't want to pay our asking price." Caveat emptor, baby.