Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A reader's comment on Mockus

That impressive chart again

Normally, anonymous comments don't make it through here. But this one, just left by a certain Colombian national on the Chart of the Day post below, is worth reading methinks. So here it is:

As a Colombian, I feel elated to see this. This Mockus effect is due in part by the public repudiation of the wrongdoings of the incumbent:
-Mr. Uribe, trying to take active part in the presidential campaign, openly promoting Santos and disqualifying the other candidates.
-The growing outrage about the 'chuzadas' (phone tapping and espionage to selected members of the opposition and the supreme court).
-Santos ultimate responsibility in the case of 'falsos positivos' (extra-judicial killings of civilians to make them appear as guerrilla casualties).
-The failure of 'justicia y paz' process with the paramilitaries, where the victims are unlikely to get proper closure -justice and economic repair.
Let's hope this momentum carries through until the election day.

Let Colombians decide who is their next President. We outside the country can have opinions, but nobody else has the right to decide for them.