Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ventana Gold ( What does the Can of Corn say?

The Can of Corn says: "TOO LOW, EIKE!"

Nicholas CampbellSoup has just raised his target from $14.75 to $15.50, saying that this bid needs to sweeten or face a counter. Read the Can of Corn PDF right here, hot off the presses.

(You got 11 minutes left in the trading day, dudettes and dudes: 3:49pm local time here.)

PS: By the way, this is part of a Flash update sent to subscribers less than 10 minutes after the opening bell this morning:
"...However, the advice is to hold your shares of and do not sell them today, as the market seems to be pricing in a pot-sweetener right now and there's every chance that the final deal will go through at a higher price than today's offer. We'll keep a close eye on proceedings and if our "hold your shares" call changes you'll be notified immediately...."
 Just sayin'