Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another classic from Uribe's model democracy

This one has the makings of big news.

Plan Colombia has the story again, about a mass grave made by the Colombian national army that contains as many as 2,000 (yes, that says two thousand) unnamed and unmarked bodies. Not some relic of the past either, as the bodies have been deposited there in the period 2005 to present day. Here's a quote from the report:
“The Army commander told us that they were guerrillas killed in combat, but the people in the region told us of a multitude of social leaders, campesinos and community human rights defenders who disappeared without a trace.”
And guess what folks? Yep...
La Macarena, the site of the grave, has been a very important site of U.S.-aided military operations since the mid-2000s. In this area, the U.S. government supported and advised the Colombian Army’s 2004-2006 “Plan Patriota” military offensive, and since 2007 has supported the “Plan for the Integral Consolidation of La Macarena” or PCIM, part of the new “Integrated Action” framework that is now guiding much U.S. assistance.
Plan Colombia and Beyond is must-read material today. Here's the link again.