Thursday, January 28, 2010

Death by natural causes, Colombian style


Yes indeed, heartwarming news from that most enlightened of democracies, Colombia. The excellent blog Plan Colombia and Beyond breaks today's news on the Colombian Secret Service (DAS) illegal wiretapping whistleblower, Jaime Fernando Ovalle, in this way:

Posted to the website of El Tiempo, Colombia’s main newspaper, early this morning:

  • Revelations of Jaime Fernando Ovalle, key witness to resolve the case of the ‘wiretaps’ [in the Colombian government's presidential intelligence service, or DAS]“

Posted minutes ago to the website of El Tiempo:

  • “Jaime Fernando Ovalle Olaz, key witness in the DAS ‘wiretaps,’ dies“

The report of his death says he died "of natural causes" by the way. Y'know, kinda 'well, it's natural that his heart stopped beating after what we did to him, isn't it?'. For the record, Jaime was trying to set the record straight about the DAS operations that illegally wiretapped NGOs in Colombia starting in 2003, who then mysteriously had key members of their organizations assassinated shortly afterwards.

Here's the link to PCAB, go see.