Monday, August 30, 2010

Dundee's terse dropping of East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) coverage

Here's an intruiging one. Dundee Securities today decided to drop East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) from its coverage list. Ok fair enough and a call is a call, but it's the way it was done that raises eyebrows.

East Asia Minerals Corp.
(EAS-V: C$6.20)
August 30, 2010
12-month target price: N/R
Ron Stewart / (647) 428-8324
rstewart AT
Robert Thaemlitz / (647) 428-8392
rthaemlitzl AT

Dropping Coverage

We Bid You Farewell
We are dropping coverage of East Asia Minerals Corp. (EAS-V), effective immediately our ratings, target prices and estimates should no longer be relied upon. Readers should no longer rely on the comments or recommendations made in respect of the company as no assurance can be given as to the accuracy or relevance going forward.

IKN back. File that under "terse", also kinda mysterious, as what you see above was the whole message (bar the normal disclosure blurbs, of course). Betcha Ron and Robert are getting plenty of phone calls this morning, too. Anyone know any backstory to this? TIA. Finally by way of disclosure, no position in EAS.v. Even though we recently covered the company's ding-dong with Northern Miner this author has no dog running in this game.