Monday, August 30, 2010

Overwhelming Sense of Entitlement, Dundee Securities edition

Another day at One Adelaide Street East (27th floor)

After a little net-casting over today's news on dropped coverage of East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) by Dundee Securities and the capturing of views from several different reliable sources (i.e. ones that are trustworthy...a rare breed in Canuck mining but they still do exist), this humble scribe has been drawn to an inevitable conclusion. The backstory to today's terse droppage is that Dundee has done little more than throw a puerile hissyfit over EAS.v because those poor leeeetle multimillionaires that run the Dundee shop weren't cut in on the latest round of financing.

It seems that Dundee gives much more of a damn about its own in-house back pockets (along with its fragile and already overblown egos) than it does about the wellbeing of its clientele who should (in theory at least) get unbiased analysis of the mining sphere from said house but instead are perhaps only led into those companies that "play ball" with the suits in charge. So in this case, when EAS.v ruined their myopic moneygrabbing plans by cutting them out of the juicy financing, the bleeding hearts that cover EAS.v at Dundee felt all hurt about the lack of cash bungs EAS.v had thrown its way and thusly the poor little overentitled assholes took their toys and stomped off, exit stage left.

The douchebags in Canadian mining aren't confined to junior miner boardrooms, dudettes and dudes. Or in hockeytalk, Dundee can go fuck themselves. Disclosure; no position in EAS.v at all, no recos either way, but it sure is fun following the story for free.