Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chart of the day is....

...the US Dollar:

And now, get ready to have fun with your own personal fave goldbug tinfoilhat conspiracy theorist. Instructions as follows:

1) Approach tinfoilhat goldbug knucklehead of choice.
2) Point out to him/her that recently, when the dollar went up so did gold.
3) Point out to him/her that today the flipside is also true, the dollar is dropping and so is gold.
4) Remind your preferred target about all those time s/he told you about the massive financial conspiracy and how rocketing gold in the face of a plummeting dollar would save us all from the death spiral and all that jazz.
5) Finally, ask said goldbug to explain the current situation. For extra bonus fun, ask your goldbug to explain without using the following words/phrases: "Illuminati", "Sinclair", "Weimar", "Rothschild" "Vampire Squid", "Fiat currency", "Ron Paul".