Friday, October 1, 2010

The 'Small Silvers' 2010 sweepstakes September update

The end of the month is in and so we catch up on the performance of our basket of small silver stocks, as promised in the last update dated August 31. So here we go:

 It's safe to say that the silver stocks we follow had a very good September all told, but some are doing better than others. Top performance by quite some way now is from U.S. Silver (USA.v) with over 100% racked up this year and looking good for the 2010 full year prize now. We applaud this stock and all of those who were smart enough to buy some. 

First Majestic ( had a superb September and has moved smartly into second place (up 70% or so YTD) on the back of strong fundies results. Bear Creek (BCM.v) is in the bronze medal spot, up 60% approx. Then comes Fortuna Silver ( up 40% YTD and then, surprisingly, the silver ETF (SLV) in 5th spot, which means there are still a whole bunch of these stocks that supposedly offer leverage to the metal that are lagging Ag. In the case of MAG Silver ( in 6th the difference is tiny, but the four stocks underneath ( ( ( (IPT.v) have far fewer excuses for their poor performances.

So, catch you all end of October for the next update in the race. Please be having nice day. Thank you.