Friday, May 13, 2011

And...we're back

Google Blogger decided to do one hour's worth of maintenance Wednesday afternoon and because somebody on their team with more pimples than sense hit the wrong button (or summink) Blogger has been a large snafu from then til about a couple of minutes ago, when back house service was restored. This is why you haven't had the normal inane blabber on this site and it's also why Thursday's posts have (they tell me temporarily) disappeared.

Anyway, the service is back in time for The Friday OT, which is far more important than market crap or LatAm gossip. Please be having nice day yes?

PS: While I'm here, let's take time to say that I like Google Blogger/Blogspot as my blogging platform and this is the first technical glitch they've thrown my way for nearly three years, so that's really not bad. But I wouldn't want them to make this week into a habit.