Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Peru Prez Poll shows Keiko leading

Today sees a new poll published by Peru pollster Datum on the second round run-off between Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta Humala. This chart shows the new figures in red along with the figures from the Datum poll of last week by way of comparison:

All data from the poll publication which you can read right here. So Keiko is now in the lead, according to this pollster. Please note one thing before we leave however. This poll was commissioned and published by Peru 21, the newspaper that's the one of the main anti-Humala nodes in Peru right now. To be honest, I'm giving this result not more than a 7/10 level of trustworthiness and will wait until the generally more reliable Ipsos/Apoyo poll out that's due out this Sunday evening before changing my current "too close to call" stance.

UPDATE: Peru stock market rallying on this news, all on a down day for metals and commods, too. The IGBVL General index now (09:18am) up 1.1% at 20,964.58. Check out the moving numbers here.

Update 2: In Spanish language, check out Juan Sheput's comments on today's poll. Good observations made that back up the potential bias factor in today's poll.