Sunday, May 8, 2011

Re-post: A quality freebie

This post last week saw plenty of people taking advantage of the free offer, so to add a bit of value to your Sunday here it is again. 


All about doing business in Emerging Markets and with advice handed out by top industry brains, which is right up the street of this blog (and hopefully its readers). Totally, utterly free, too. Just click through and fill in the simple form (they won't ask you for credit card numbers or anything, either...this one is catch-free) and order your copy today. Here's the blurb:

Best Practices for Doing Business in Emerging Markets
Receive Your Complimentary Best Practices NOW!

"Best Practices for Doing Business in Emerging Markets"
Download a free copy of the GLG panel on Emerging Markets. 
Gerson Lehrman Group convened a panel of senior executives from a variety of industries to share their best practices and strategic insights for doing business in emerging markets. Speakers included:
  • Jeffery Hayzlett, former Chief Marketing Officer for Eastman Kodak
  • Tom Santel, former President and CEO of Anheuser Busch International
  • John Swainson, former CEO of Computer Associates.
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