Monday, May 9, 2011

Top reason why the Chinese judicial system is never going to catch on in South America

I mean, can you imagine any of the self-serving corrupt governments down this neck of the woods ever getting close to passing laws like this one? There are very few suicides in government circles, after all. The following translated from this report in Peru 21 today:

Condemned to death for accepting bribes

Chinese judiciary also ordered the confiscation of the savings of Xu Zongheng, ex-Mayor of the city of Shenzhen, for receiving money from companies and employees.

The Chinese judiciary has condemned to death for accepting bribes Xu Zongheng, ex-Mayor of the city of Shenzhen, according to official news agency Xinhua.

The Intermediate Popular Tribunal of Zhengzhou, in the northern province of Henan, also condemned Xu, 56, to lose all his political rights and ordered the confiscation of his personal assets.

According to the judgment, between 2001 and June 2009 the ex-Mayor accepted 33.18m Yuan (U$5.1m) in bribes from building construction companies and lower level public employees who wanted promotions.

However, the death penalty has been suspended for two years because Xu confessed to his crimes, which implies that if he shows good conduct during this time the capital punishment may be commuted to life imprisonment.