Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nothing doing

A quiet day and I'm doing little else but watching the IGBVL drop 2.2%....
...and wondering exactly how much hydrocarbon Argentina's YPF has found in Patagonia (with the announcement left in the hands of Cristina about 2 hours from now), but the rumour about a big shale discovery down that way has been going round for a few days. And I know I should care about today's FARC/Ecuador/Venezuela AxisOfEvo story, but I don't. And I know I should comment about the idiots at GATA and their new "rogue blogger" epithet for your humble scribe, but it's getting really difficult to take them seriously so I can't be bothered. So the sum total of my productive morning has been to put the Google Ads block back up on the blog for a while, just to see if I want it there or not. And now I'm going to have a coffee in some nice café somewhere, cos there must be advantages of this self-employed lark, right?