Monday, September 19, 2011

Argentina: A little heterodoxy goes a long way

A good paper by Robert L Funk and Francisco Javier Diaz came out late last week, all about Argentina and its relevance to the present-day Greek tragedy (geddit?). It starts like this and your author urges you to click through and read it all, because its argument is more insightful than the usual tosh written about the country. 

Argentina: A little heterodoxy goes a long way

Robert Funk & Francisco Javier Díaz
16 September 2011

A tough, pragmatic mindset has seen an unorthodox Argentine economy move from Greek-style tragedy to relative stability

For most of the last hundred years, those who study the comparative politics of Latin America have been struggling to pigeonhole Argentina, and especially Peronism, into one category or another. They do so at their peril. It is worth recalling that Simon Kuznets, an economist, once quipped that countries could be grouped into four: developed, underdeveloped, Japan and Argentina. Today under President Cristina Fernández the country continues to defy explanation.
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