Thursday, September 22, 2011

Four burning questions on today's market action (with two answers)

1) Who is Eric Sprott going to blame for silver's drop this time? The Martians?
2) Which of your equities positions will go green first? I know which one looks most likely in my port and I'm guessing it turns away from the dark side about 1pm EST.
3) How do you confuse an Austrian? (Answer: Ask him why the dollar has been strong recently)
4) What's the best video to sum up this morning? (Answer below)

By the way, subbers; Re this morning's flash update already bot a few, but more to go. Still careful fishin'

UPDATE: FWIW, the suspected bouncer was a double figure loser this morning, but even though it's now only 1% down it didn't make it into the a fail is a fail.