Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something we know about Great Panther Silver ( (GPL)... that the top management there really don't like that this humble corner of cyberspace talk about their insider share shares (and people, we got the emails to prove that). But honestly, I don't understand why that should be. I mean, shouldn't they really be proud of those sales? Take for example Robert Archer and the way he's cashed in 298,800 shares this last week or so and banked himself one.....million....dollars. It's pretty clear that he's not paid enough at the company and is deserving of the cash that comes from dumping a shitload of shares on helpless retail saps, no? After all, he's only due to be paid $500,000 cash by in 2011 and who can scrape by on that kind of pittance these days?

So c'mon GPR dudes, turn over a new leaf! Shout out those heavy insider share dumpages so that the world can hear them and be happy that you can take advantage of this wonderful thing called capitalism.You know it makes sense.