Monday, September 19, 2011

Néstor Valqui Matos, surely set to be Peru's rising star member of congress

We at IKN Nerve Centre™ believe that the new congressman Néstor Valqui Matos (Fuerza 2011, the Fujimori party)  is destined for greatness in the newly formed congress of Peru. This is because he has the best possible training for Peru's congress already under his belt, that of being the owner of an illegal and clandestine whorehouse. Here's a translation of this report out today in Peru's El Comercio that tells you what's what:

Member of Congress for Fuerza 2011 Is The Owner Of a Whorehouse in Pasco

Néstor Valqui Matos, who has already been found guilty of pimping, says that the business no longer belongs to him.

Fabiola Torre López: Investigation Unit, El Comercio

The night of August 2, the nightlife in the mining district of Yanacancha in Pasco was busier than usual, though this time the ruckus didn't come from the discos and bars that have multiplied in the zone but from around 200 residents who had taken to the streets to declare war on the businesses that, behind the pretense of being normal places for relaxation, were dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women, some of them under-aged.

Two weeks have gone by since then, but the residents' marches and operations by the municipal fiscal have not managed to stop these businesses, amongst them the 'Night Club Discotek Calusa', the biggest nightclub in Yanacancha. Its owner, according to the respective documentation, are no less people than the congress member Néstor Valqui Matos (Fuerza 2011) and his wife Edy Estrada Atencio.

The nightclub is a four storey building located on the road Ángel Ramos Picón, number 311. Since 2001 it has had a licence to function as a discotheque, but in fact it is a location that sexually exploits young women brought from the cities of Huánuco, Ucayali and Junín. The building is constructed to promote, facilitate and cover up this activity: On the third and fourth floors there is a hostal that connects directly to the disco.

A team from this newspaper (El Comercio) recorded on video and in photographs the proofs that in this disco a clandestine centre of sexual commerce was operating.

The parliamentarian Néstor Valqui has tried to hide this business, as well as his own sentence for the crime of pimping handed down in 2008 which does not appear on his sworn resumé presented the electoral authorities when he ran for congress. Continues here.

IKN back. There's more to the story so click through, but it's worth mentioning that just that last part, the fact that he didn't include a judicial sentence as part of his CV, is a crime in Peru and enough to get this guy kicked out of congress.

Welcome to the new Peru, just the same as the old Peru.