Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Peru mining production stats

So I put up the post just an hour ago that clearly shows how Peru's exports are riding their luck and immediately (and I mean within half an hour) the "you're just cherrypicking" mail arrives from one the sillypeople that is ignorant to stick up for the corruptos running Peru. So let's first point out this:

Ahhhh I feel better now. Let's plough straight on with the monthly metals production figures for Peru in the period 2006 to date. Starting with copper, the only one that has made some sort of significant move (and I betcha that you can guess when the Cerro Verde expansion came online):

Next gold:

Here's silver:

Here's zinc:

Here's lead:

Here's iron ore:

Here's tin

Here's molybdenum:

All data from Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mining. You see that amazing production expansion? You don't? Oh wow, there's one for owly to comment upon: