Sunday, June 26, 2011

Congratulations to Pan American Silver ( (PAAS)...

...for managing to kill two of its workers in Peru in separate accidents this last month. An impressive tally even by your pathetic health and safety record

And as is usual for the PAAS there are no work stoppages, no inquiries, no announcements in the press about the fatal accidents. The only place to find out about the PAAS deaths is at the right page buried in the centre of the Peru Mining Ministry website and it's only there because PAAS is obliged by law to pass the information along.

So spare a thought for Ronald Edson Comun Espinoza who was working as a contractor at Pan American Silver's Huaron mine. And spare another thought for Santos Martin Solano Salvador, who was a full-time employee at Pan American Silver's Quiruvilca mine. Because they're both dead now.