Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I uncovered my short on ECU.to again yesterday

Why so? Because Bill Murphy of GATA is a liar about ECU Silver (ECU.to) and doesn't have the first clue about what he's pumping to you. And that arrogant bully known to an undeserving world as Wistar Holt is so close to outright fraud in his non-stop pumping of ECU.to that you can hardly slide a sheet of paper between the gap.

But the numbers? They don't lie.

And before the ranks of Kool-Aid drinkers who actually fall for this scam start writing in, do us all a favour and don't bother until you can actually understand what the numerical information held in those charts actually signifies, because life is too short to read your banalities otherwise. Oh, and another number for you is $455,702, the all-cash salary of head scamster Michel Roy in 2010. He's laughing at you, sheep.
By the way, I just love how ECU.to has "lost" over $10m in asset value due to the new IFRS accounting rules but just can't be bothered to tell you about it...or why. Over $300m market cap for a company that generates revenues of $5m a qtr, pays all its excess to the loan runners and can't return a net profit to save its sorry ass, even in the current price levels for silver and gold? Gimme a freakin' break, dumbasses. DYODD, dude.

And now I'm off shopping with my mother. Catch you later.