Thursday, June 23, 2011

Police brutality and journalists in Peru

So you have a protest in Huancayo in provincial Peru, with people demanding that once and for all the government stops lying to them and makes good on its promise to equip the city with a university.

Nobody listens

So the people protest once again, march through the streets pacifically, do all the demonstration type things.

Nobody listens

So the students demanding a place to educate themselves without travelling oodles of kilometres block a road yesterday morning. And HOORAY! finally somebody listens. The people that finally pay attention are the police who beat the shit out of them, three people are left dead and if journalists dare to photograph them or take video evidence of a dozen police officers battering a single student with their batons the cameras are stolen from them and the reporter videoing the scene is whacked about the head and body too.

Welcome to the bit of Peru that doesn't involve tours of Machu Picchu, five star hotels and buffet breakfasts with English speaking guide. Hat tip the evergood Huanca York Times.