Thursday, June 30, 2011

What matters

One get caughts up in the ebb and the flow, the daily gossip and jabbering, the fight for a dollar. A manner of things that, when you're inside and focussed and fixated, seem to be all-important. And then, all of a moment, you open up another junior mining company press release, catch yourself in a mirror and see the absolute unimportance of it all. You do this because suddenly something happens to people you've never met, something devastating and heartbreaking. And you just happen to be two nights into a three night roadtrip and the meetings you've done and will do, the friends you've caught up with all pale beside the thought of your spouse and children at home. 

So do yourself and the people around you a large favour; do something about it right now. Put aside that everso everso important work you're working on right now. Go over to your husband right now, phone your wife right now, pick up your kids and give them a massive hug right now, pay a surprise visit to your parents  right now, text your best friends right now, e-mail your brother right now, knock on your sister's door right now. Tell them you love them, get things in focus, do it for them and for you. Carpe diem.

Your author's deep and sincere condolences extend to Andrew Swarthout. News release follows


VANCOUVER, June 30, 2011 /CNW/ - Bear Creek Mining (TSX Venture: BCM / BVL: BCM) ("Bear Creek" or the "Company") is deeply saddened to learn of the accidental death of Karen Swarthout, the wife of  Chief Executive Officer Andrew Swarthout, in Tucson, Arizona. The Company would like to express its sincere sympathy on behalf of the entire team at Bear Creek Mining.
Catherine McLeod-Seltzer Bear Creek Mining Chairman stated, "We are sending Andy our heartfelt condolences during this difficult time. Karen was a remarkable woman in many ways. Knowing her personally as I did for many years, I am well aware of the difference she made in the lives of many people, both here in the Company, and in Andy's private life. She will be missed by all of us."
Ms. McLeod-Seltzer continued "We are confident in the strength and depth of both our senior management team and staff and all are stepping in during this difficult time to ensure normal continuity of the business. In addition, our very experienced Board of Directors have all made themselves available to assist  Bear Creek management and staff as well as to offer  Andy all the emotional support we can.  Bear Creek is a strong company with world class projects as well as extraordinary people of great depth.  Our hearts go out to Andy and their families."