Monday, June 27, 2011


News today from the fabbo new integrated stock market system of Chile, Colombia and Peru, which has been created to let the three countries trade listed stocks between each other. It's also been fanfared with all sorts of fanfarey sounds ever since it was first mooted last year, has gone through exhaustive tests and then last month finally went live. So let's see how it's been getting on, via this translation of this story in Semana Economica:

MILA Transactions U$1m In First Four Weeks

27 June 2011

Today marks the first four weeks and one day since the start of the Integrated Latin American Market (Mercado Integrado Latinoamericano (MILA)), a system that brings together the trading platforms of Chile, Peru and Colombia, and the result of the first 20 trading day show few transactions during the Peru election period and high volatility in the Chilean market, reports newspaper El Mercurio.

According to the Chilean media source, the average daily volume of MILA is 12 million Chilean Pesos (U$25,310), which is 0.01% of trades conducted in the stock markets of Chile, Peru and Colombia. In total, U$1m has been traded on MILA, mostly from Colombian buyers in the Chilean market.