Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nobody reads blogs

Step one: In this post on Tuesday August 30th, IKN points to the production figures for silver in Mexico and tells the bizcomment world to stop all this nonsense about Peru being the world's number one silver producer.

Step two: In this post dated Thursday September 1st, we present even more evidence of Mexico's production superiority in silver over Peru, comparative chart and all.

Step three: On Friday September 2nd, Bloomberg runs its note, "Mexico overtakes Peru as largest producer of silver", though strangely enough the only version available online of the Bloomie note is a Spanish language piece farmed out to a Peru business newspaper.

Just sayin'

It goes without saying that this humble corner of cyberspace was not mentioned, as the journalists at Bloomberg always do their own DD and surely would never copy anyone else's ideas or data without giving due recognition, would they? Oh yeah while I'm thinking about it; you Bloomie guys should look up the phrase "troy ounce" as it might help you with your calculations the next time you try and do this kind of report. And they wonder why news media is dying...