Thursday, September 1, 2011


I kinda decided not to post anything else today, give myself a break and all that. I certainly wasn't going to post anything OT or outside the normal sphere of LatAm and mining and stuff. But I was wrong, because this post at Juanita Jean's has to be read to be believed. Here's a snippet from her snippet.

"The Republican Party in Arizona’s Pima County, which is represented by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), is in the midst of a fundraising raffle, $10 per entry.
"The prize: the same model of gun that delivered a near-fatal blast to the Democratic lawmaker’s skull outside a Tucson grocery store in January.
"Tucson is in Pima County."

I'd really appreciate any comment, mail or otherwise, from any dyed-in-the-wool Republican telling me that yes, this is sickening for them, too. Or are you just going to let fellow members of your party drag you down to such lows willingly? (UPDATE: Thanks for the mails and nice to know there are at least six pro-GOP out there who feel the same) Go read it all.

UPDATE: This needs music.