Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 'Small Silvers' 2011 sweepstakes August update

I keep forgetting to do this end-month update thingy, but today I remembered so here it is. We track nine "small silver" companies against the silver ETF (SLV) gold ETF (GLD) (thank you quick reader SS) to see how they get on every year, starting January 1st.. Chart please!

 (click to enlarge)

Top spot is still kept by First Majestic (, with Endeavour Silver ( close behind in 2nd. Notably, both of those have U.S. listings folks....something to consider, no?

Then comes the bullion ticker, the silver ETF (SLV) gold ETF (GLD) that supplies our benchmark. Basically, if your miner can't beat out the metal then it's not supplying the necessary leverage to offset the risk and should be considered underperforming to date. This applies to the next four stocks, Fortuna (, IMPACT (IPT.v), Great Panther ( and U.S. Silver (USA.v) even though there is a decent mitigation for those, namely they're making a profit year to date.

And so to the dogs. MAG Silver ( has been crappy this year and not helped by its new rounds of insider selling (a very bad habit at that company and telling of its true take-out chances). ECU Silver ( is a laughable excuse for a silver mining company and needs no extra here, as only true fools play this one. Finally, bottom of the pile is Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v) after its well-documented snafu at Santa Ana, Puno. 

If I remember we'll do this again end September. Toodle pip!