Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ecuador's cocaine problem can be summed up in two words: Its Neighbours

Although worryingly (and for the first time ever) some very small-scale coca production areas have been found and erradicated inside Ecuador's borders this year, the country of Ecuador is for all intents and purposes still not a coca or cocaine producer. However it is one of the routes used by South American narcos to smuggle their gear out of the continent and the trend is ever rising, if the latest seizure stats are anything to go by:
The figures are sourced to Ecuador's official National Antinarcotics Directive (Direcci├│n Nacional de Antinarc├│ticos (DNA).

This is what comes of being bordered by the world's number one cocaine producing country (Colombia) and the world's number two cocaine producing country (Peru) making a product in great demand by the world's biggest economy (The USA). So it goes without saying that all the blame will be pinned on Rafael Correa.

Canelazos served. The end.