Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To catch a thief

Bolivian news services are today reporting that a warrant for the arrest of Manfred Reyes Villas (and his wife) has been issued by the Cochabamba public ministry dudes. This because Reyes Villas, the runner up in the recent election at 27% and rallying post for the remnants of the racist society being slowly but surely dismantled byEvo, decided yesterday not to turn up in court and respond to the accusations of corruption against him. It all stems back to when Manfred was head honcho of the Cochabamba region and decided to divert public funds for his own use. I mean, nobody has ever really got him to explain how a former army officer and presidential bodyguard managed to end up a few years later with a fortune counted in the tens of millions....all we'd like to do is find out, but Manfred keeps on refusing to have his day in court.

It goes without saying that to the fascist old guard all this is a political witchhunt, but this isn't anything more or less than a "innocent til proven guilty" court case that wants to get to the bottom of things.