Monday, June 13, 2011

Chart of the day is....

...GDP per capita in Bolivia, 1990 to 2010, data from the World Bank.

It accompanies this text extract from Bolivia Weekly:

The World Bank representative in Bolivia, Óscar Avalle, said yesterday that Bolivia is about to graduate from a “concessional” country to join the ranks of countries like Brazil and Argentina. Avalle explained that this “graduation” was provoked by a prudent macroeconomic policy begininning in 2006 and that Bolivia may transition from a poor country to a middle income country in the next two years. During these years Bolivia has averaged a 4% growth rate despite the global recession. Avalle reminded listeners that the World Bank forgave $1.5 billion of Bolivia’s national debt in 2006 and then began loans again in 2008 which now reach $257 million dollars. Avalle said that World Bank disbursement rates have risen from 9% to 22% which brings Bolivia on par with other countries.

It must be really frustrating for the rabid Evo opposition in Bolivia to see the country progressing so well under a Commie Pinko, no?