Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ex-Presidents, jails, total freakin' coincidences... and an owl

Part One, June 2nd 2011: Just days before the second round election run-off vote between Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta Humala, Keiko Fujimori said of jailed ex-President Alberto Fujimori during an interview with CNN en Español that she wouldn't pardon her father if elected President and that (and we quote the big money quote), "...happily, my father is in good health".

Part Two, June 5th 2011: Ollanta Humala won the closely fought election, polling 51.48% of valid votes to Keiko's 48.52%.

Part Three, June 6th 2011: The day after the vote, Ollanta's Vice-President elect, Omar Chehade, said that Alberto Fujimori would be transferred to a common cell (from his reportedly luxurious digs at Peru's Diroes establishment in Lima) once the Humala government was in power.

Part Four, June  9th 2011: Alberto Fujirmori is rushed to a local hospital's emergency ward by ambulance, is told he will have to stay there for the next three days, is diagnosed by doctors as "having lost a lot of weight" and doctors wish to put him under observation for the next three days to see if the weight loss is being caused by "a deeper illness".

Part Five, now to the near future: So having been in good health just one week ago, jailed ex-Pres Alberto F, who just lost his Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card in the shape of his daughter's failure to make it to the big chair, is diagnosed with severe weight loss....and nobody noticed this ONE FREAKIN' WEEK AGO? Oh by the way, outgoing President Alan García has until July 28th to pardon Alberto on medical grounds if he sees fit. 

Cue Owly:

Once a Banana Republic, always a Banana Republic