Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IKN Recommends: CWSX World Oil G&G

Oilmeister Alan von Altendorf is an old friend here at IKN and the good news is that this highly expert expert and main driving force behind CWSX LLC is now blogging on matters energy and hydrocarbons (and most recently great insights on Fukushima's underbelly). His blog can be found on this link, it's called CWSX World Oil G&G and you are now commanded by internetwebpipes LAW to go over, check it out and put it on your RSS or your bookmarks or whatever other way you use to get great info piped to you on a regular basis. To give an idea of the contents over there, here's the top page blurb:

News and analysis of oil & gas exploration, wildcats, megaprojects, frontier plays, deepwater discovery and completion technology, supermajors, independents, geology, geophysics, 3D seismic interpretation, and valuation of oil & gas reserves by CWSX LLC.