Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good News: Lima's potential environmental disaster is getting airtime

This report from Reuters hit the wires last night and I'm happy to report the potential disaster due to government inertia is getting more airtime. The report included this from Environment Minister Antonio Brack-Egg:

" Brack said the mines and energy ministry is preparing another emergency measure to finance the clean-up of a potential slide in the area."

This is good for Peru, good for the Lima water supply and good for Gold Hawk Resources, too. I can also report that CGK.v has contracted a highly respected local forestry firm, "Foresta S.A.", to get expert advice on what else they can do to move the process along as quickly as possible.

I know it's very easy to lay the blame at the door of the mining company in cases such as these, but it has to be said that Gold Hawk has done everything in its power to alleviate a problem they inherited more than created. A good example from "a tiny metals company" (to quote Reuters) that would be great to see followed by miners many times their size. Kudos to CGK.v.