Thursday, April 21, 2011

another day's mailbag

You guys keep me amused via my mailbox, and for that I thank you. Here's an example from "regular reader" this morning:

Just in case you are tempted to partake in a bit of self-flagellation on this Easter weekend, I recommend you listen to this instead.

It should do the trick...
Thanks for that, RR (you know who you are).

Meanwhile, we note that Marin's dead horse energy play Ram Power ( got flogged today:

Inquiring minds wonder if there two occurrences are related? And said minds also wonder if CBM Asia (TCF.v) got its own pumperooney from the morally bereft p&d scamster? Doubt that, cos it's just sooooo 2010, innit Marin?

UPDATE: Stunningly good feedback from reader TK:
I got a chuckle when I tried to open the Katusa link RR sent you in RealPlayer, and this message popped up (I’m not kidding!): “This clip cannot be played. It contains unexpected data and may be corrupt.”
Even RealPlayer has figured Katusa out…?