Friday, April 29, 2011

Peru Prez Poll, Round Two

A new poll is out today Friday from pollster Datum and published by Peru 21. This might leave it open to accusations of bias (because Peru 21 is an anti-Humala newspaper), but along with a CPI poll from yesterday that had the gap at 3.8%, there's a clear catchup tendency going on that's favouring Keiko Fujimori. Recall that last Sunday the gap was 6% and as I said back then, this one is going to be very close.

I'd only add one other thing right now: Be careful what you wish for. The full Datum poll publication can be found right here.

UPDATE: Highly recommended on this subject for Spanish speakers is this new post from highly esteemed Peru Political Scientist Cynthia Sanborn, someone who has forgotten more about this subject than most of the so-called experts out there know. Unmissable.