Thursday, April 14, 2011

South American Silver (, Bolivia, IKN and owls

1) Bolivia and IKN (excerpt from yesterday morning's post):
"Fortunately, those people your author contacted today with exposure to Bolivia via junior mining companies (this humble scribe has none) seem to think that this won't affect them at all....because Evo said so. Meanwhile your author will feel much more comfortable today as soon as the monkey stuck in his butt has flown out of said part of anatomy."

2) South American Silver (, the stock that "has worked out how to operate in Bolivia", according to its blind/deaf/dumb(ass) pumpers led up by the Scientologist Pied Piper himself, Michael Baybak:

3) An owl:

Moral of the story (oh, cos IKN got so much morals yaknowz): Don't listen to anyone talking about Bolivia that can't even find Bolivia on a map, let alone speak the local language. And while you're at it don't trust a company run by ex-Nadagold hypemerchants, either.

UPDATE: Your humble scribe receives correspondence that suggests people would take the IKN words of advice more readily to heart if they were phrased in a more diplomatic manner. So fuck you if you're losing cash today due to dumbassery. That work foryaz?

UPDATE 2: Double Owly!