Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peru Stock exchange down another 5.9% today

Here's the chart at yesterday's close....

...and since this morning's opening it's knocked another 1100 points off the total to stand at 17,521, 5.87% down in the first hour and a half. Follow all the fun and frolics at the Bolsa de Valores de Lima website, linked right here.

Gotta love market panics.

UPDATE: Looks like today is rebound day. A little while after posting the above, the Peru pension funds (known as 'AFPs' and the guys that really rule the financial roost there) came in as buyers and have swept up all the cheap shares going. The market is now 2.47% down and recovering fast. 

UPDATE 2: Buying all the time, now 2.17% down and Friday's on my mind already.