Monday, April 18, 2011

Reasons why Ram Power ( exists

Which one sounds the closest to you, kind and gentle reader?

1) To provide Rick Rule with another "heads i win tails you lose" vehicle.
2) To show Marin Katusa as the bullshit know-nothing self-serving pumper that he is.
3) To enhance Casey Research's growing reputation as a house of scams and bullshit promos.
4) To separate fools from their money in the time-honoured Canadian market tradition.
5) To make Ross Beaty's Magma Energy ( look like a strong-performing stock.
6) To provide electricity supply to Nicaragua (and yeah, before you write in I know this one is pushing reality a little too far)
7) To help pay for the closure costs of the Lumiere and DB Bistro Moderne restaurants.

You be the judge!