Saturday, June 4, 2011

Not the best planned robbery of all time

Here we go with a direct translation of this report from Argentina about an incident in the city of Rosario last Monday..

Rosario: Thieves Rob a Cybercafé But Are Detained Later Due To Leaving Facebook Page Open

Two young delinquents who had assaulted a cybercafé in the Santa Fe city of Rosario were arrested and taken into custody after one of them forgot to close their Facebook account, which led to their identification. One other remains at large.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, when the three thieves entered the cybercafé located on the corner of Paraguay and Catamarca Avenues and, after using the computers there while waiting for all the other clients to leave, one of the three threatened the staff with a gun and took one cellular phone, 320 pesos (U$80) and an identity card, after which they fled.

A little later when police arrived  and, while making an inspection of the shop, found that one of the computers that had been used by the thieves had not been closed down and managed, via his Facebook account, to take down the details of his name, address and the address of the school he attends.

On Wednesday afternoon police officers went to the Comercio Nº2 JJ de Urquiza High School, located at Palestine Ave 1551, and arrest Federico Barbosa, 18, who had taken the ID card and cell phone of the staff member. Then one of the other youths who had participated in the theft was also arrested, whilst a third still remains at large.