Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peru stock market up in early trading (UPDATED)

At 9am local time (10am EST) Peru's IGBVL index finds itself 1.87% up and rebounding a bit from the panic-induced drop of yesterday. Major moves include the big 11.1% bounce in Maple Energy (quite highly weighted in the overall index), Candente Copper (DNT.to up 6.47%), Panoro (PML.v up 15.4% but lightly weighted on the index) and the 3.77% move in Volcan (VOLCABC1), the heaviest weighed and most liquid stock on the market.

It's still early in the session however, and bigger money might change moods later. We shall see, but if you want to follow the BVL website is here, by the way.

UPDATE:  Now 40 minutes later (9:40am) and the rebound continues. The IGBVL index is now up 3.52%, with main component Volcan doing well at +7.55% and many of the tiny illiquid juniors springing double figure moves (ALT up 23%, DNT up 8.6%, PML up 15.4%, RCZ up 20%, VEM up 13%, ZNC up 10% etc).

UPDATE 2: IGBVL now up 5.33% and a decent slice of San Isidro's population must be feeling pretty stupid for selling Monday. Hah! That'll learn 'em.