Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Raymond James bullshits its clients re. Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v)

In its effusive pumphouse marketing note to clients on Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v) this morning, the crew at Raymond James decided that facts just don't matter. For example, its clients read this morning the following line about the protesters at Santa Ana:

"...they’re accusing BCM of looking to pollute Lake Titicaca, which is 50km away and uphill! Would need to invest millions in pumps to be able to do this"

Sorry guys, that's bullshit and you're either deliberately lying to your clients or you've been told bullshit by Bear Creek (BCM.v). The FACTS are that Santa Ana is 45km away from Lake Titicaca (a small point) and that Lake Titicaca sits at an elevation of 3812 metres above sea level, while the low point at Santa Ana is 4150masl (a big point that blows your sarcasm and exclamation marks out the water, dumbasses). The rest of the reasoning that tried to belittle the protests against Santa Ana was just as poor too.

Just another day of South American ignorance out of so-called professional brokerages in Canada, but don't worry guys, we're used to your stupidity by now. Anyway, here's a message for you from people who do actually check facts before opening mouths. Why don't you just do us all a favour one time and....