Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catching up with the American Power Corp (AMPW.ob) scam

Back in January this year your author wrote a post with the snappy title of "American Power (AMPW.ob) is a scam and today's most obvious shorting opportunity". At the time the stock stood at $1.15 and there was plenty of lend available, too. So here's how things stand today, six months on:

The stock's at 26c, representing a 77.4% drop from the date of publishing. Owl please:

Thank you, owl.

When people ask me how I'm so sure about these con jobs, the answer is always really easy: Check the Regulatory Filings. This isn't rocket science, just the application of plain common sense and it makes calling the currrent bullshit scam over at Portage Resources ( just as easy.