Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Terry Wade on Ollanta Humala: 100% agreement here

A top analysis note by Terry Wade of Reuters today, the subject being that dude Ollanta Humala who gets to play at President of Peru as of tomorrow morning. Here below is how Wade's note begins and your humble scribe highly recommends that you click through and read the whole piece, as it's oodles more observant and insightful than the usual mediocrity you read on Peru politics. 

LIMA (Reuters) – Peru’s leftist President-elect Ollanta Humala, who takes office on Thursday, has dared to move further toward the center, if not the right, than the man he emulated during his campaign — Brazil’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Humala, a former army commander who used to scare investors with fiery rhetoric, won office in June after promising to govern as a business-friendly leftist like Lula.
But the cabinet Humala has assembled, by nearly every measure, is more conservative than the one Lula put together when he took office in Brazil in 2003. That suggests Humala will keep the existing economic model intact while intensifying the fight against poverty that afflicts a third of Peruvians.