Sunday, July 31, 2011

OT: about that weekend video

I've taken several mails about the "fifty academics" video posted on site over the weekend and just to clear matters up a little, here's a mail (slightly brushed but 99.9% the same) I sent by way of reply to one of them (an old e-mail pal for whom I hold the greatest of respect, I hasten to add). You don't get to see what he wrote to me, but that's no problem.
Did i say i was an atheist? No, i said it was good brainfood.

As inferred in the text of the post, much of the time is taken up by the old "rationality" argument in different guises. This one has been batted back and forth between the two sides more times than can be mentioned in polite company and is, intellectually speaking, old hat (though fun to watch how it manifests itself in different people's brains). However, there were a couple of good and well constructed points made and i particularly liked the way the question of whether there is a "grand purpose" to it all was framed.

It made me think, and i like to think.

It made me think above all about social morality and whether religion is a necessary tool in society to keep things working and for us not to descend into anarchy (in its strictest sense) and chaos. It also made me think a helluva lot about my daughters. Finally, it made me revisit a lot of the texts and sayings attributed to Gautama Buddha (because the Bible's view is ingrained into this westerner, whether he likes it or not).

My best advice would be not to jump to conclusions about my religious leanings. I'm not going to force mine upon anyone (nor will i reveal my beliefs), equally i reject others forcing theirs on me.