Saturday, July 23, 2011

KD's facts spoiling Eric Sprott's good story

Kid Dynamite has being doing sterling work (geddit?) by tracking the way in which Eric Sprott has been mindfarking his own flock and creaming the profits generated by them into his own back pocket, Eric's vehicle of choice being his silver fund PSLV. Today KD updates on the affair and notes that Eric has sold more stock at a premium to NAV.....and oh what a coincidence!....just after preaching the old "silver to the moon Alice" line in public speakpits and forums that give you rampant silverbugs them there sticky dreams.

Go see the latest in KD's excellent series right here and make a point of clicking thru his links provided in-post to see the previous stuff. When you do, you'll notice how patient KD has been with the more-cash-than-sense boorish and arrogant idiots who've left comments. Far more patient than your humble scribe could ever be, that's for sure.