Monday, July 25, 2011

Peru's new ministers

This evening the last pieces were officially put into place and we have the whole of the new Ministerial cabinet that starts work when Ollanta Humala becomes President on July 28th, just three days away. Here we go with the list:

  • Prime Minister: Salomón Lerner Ghitis
  • Finance Minister: Miguel Castilla Rubio
  • Interior Minister/Home Secretary: Oscar Valdés Dancuart
  • Production Minister: Kurt Burneo Farfán
  • Minister for Overseas Relations: Rafael Roncagliolo
  • Foreign and Tourism Minister: José Luis Silva Martinot
  • Defense Minister:  Daniel Mora Ballón
  • Justice Minister: Francisco Eguiguren Praelli
  • Health Minister: Alberto Tejada Noriega
  • Education Minister: Patricia Salas O'Brien
  • Mining & Energy Minister: Carlos Herrera Descalzi
  • Transport & Communictaions Minister: Carlos Paredes Rodríguez
  • Women's Minister: Aída García Naranjo
  • Environment Minister: Ricardo Geisecke Sara Lafosse
  • Culture Minister: Susana Baca de la Colina
  • Employment Minister: Rudecindo Vega Carreazo
  • Agriculture Minister: Miguel Caillaux Zazzali
  • Housing, Construction and Sanitary Services Minister: René Cornejo Diaz

Of all those, the one that should concern foreigners looking in the most is the appointment of Miguel Castilla as FinMin and it's one that the markets have already applauded. As for the most important minister in the new Ollanta government, that one's easy. It's whoever succeeds Castilla in his post, so give that a year or 18 months to happen.