Friday, July 29, 2011

News roundup (we also report that your author's new coffee machine is working well)

1.3% GDP growth = QE3 coming soon. Be clear.UPDATE: Oh another thing, today I learned that when things suck in the US people drink more coffee. Must be cos SBUX fraps make them think they can still afford luxury things.

Chile: The La Escondida strike now into its eighth day. This single mine is about 5.5% of world copper supply, so this is one that needs to be watched.

Peru's new Prez announces that he's setting up a national airline. Hope he buys new machines cos locals are fed up with having either Lan or some jailed narco's 1970s Boeing cast-offs.

Argentina, and the Mayor of Buenos Aires vote gets settled this weekend, the run-off between incumbent Mauricio Macri and challenger Daniel Filmus (a Kirchnerite). Macri will win it easily. Cristina still wins in October though.

In a shocking turn of events, Reuters reports on the negative reaction amongst anal ysts to Nadagold's (NG) Galore Creek PFS. The title is "Nadagold's Galore Creek study fails to impress", which just about sums things up. And yup, you heard it here first on Wednesday evening but feel free to wait until Friday morning if you need a "real" news service to tell you the bleedin' obvious.