Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chart of the day is....

...Bolivia's Natgas exports in dollar value per month, January 2006 to date.

I was sitting in the warmth of the office a little later than normal last night, letting Mrs. Rock get on with watching The Black Swan (sorry, tried and couldn't hack it), when it suddenly occurred to me that we hadn't heard much from the "OhMyGodBoliviaGoingDownTheDrainEvoBad" brigade recently. I wondered why that might be so off I trotted to the Bolivian INE Stats people's website and went to the dynamic econ stats charting page (go see for yourself, it's tricky at first but once you've cracked the system it's lots of fun...for nerds that is) to check on Bolivia's top export (41.4% so far this year and beats out metals by about $50m a month).

And sure enough, on checking the figures (then putting that above chart together) I quickly saw why we were hearing nothing from the Evohaters about the state of Bolivia's economy. Bolivian natgas is back, kicking tush, taking names and has just put in the best single month of sales (U$266.2m in Feb'11) since the heady days of that fuel price bubble just before everything went down the crapper in late'08 (seems so long ago now, doesn't it?).

So Bolivia was paid U$310 per capita for natgas by Brazil (mainly) and Argentina (its other client) in 2010. That'll pay for the free school breakfasts, I think.